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Follow And there are a lot of other pizza chains out there. Several of my Twitter followers agree. As president and CEO of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, a hospital dedicated to helping people with disabilities, I am struck by how an individual’s life can change in the course of one moment. Too often at my hospital I witness people struggling with the needless and avoidable consequences of neglecting to […]

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Follow Bono was running for mayor of Palm Springs at the time. He won his bid and took office in 1988. During that interview Bono talked about the opening of the Palm Springs Convention Center and how he planned to perform at the opening with his daughter Chastity Bono, now a transgender man known as Chaz Bono.. Decision to close is a difficult one, but we believe that the frigid […]

Follow My visit began with a unique 2 hour guided walking tour of OldQubec with Marc Duchesne, whose company, Cicrone Tours, is known for period costumed guides who bring history to life. “We try and represent the whole New France society: Peasants, merchants, militaries, king’s daughters, burgesses, etc.,” says Marc. Dressed in 17th century costume, Marc took on the character of Jean Gagnon, a successful merchant, as we set out […]